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We provide Cloud Backup Solutions here at Phoenix Computer Company through Nordic Backup. There is no better way to protect your data than to have an off-site backup using a cloud system like Nordic Backup. So, why should you use Nordic Backup?

Why cloud backup? Can’t I just use an external drive?

Having an off-site backup is the most secure and reliable way to protect your data. An external hard drive can get lost, damaged, or stolen, leaving you without the files you need. Online backup fills that gap. No matter what happens to your computer or your local backup device, your data is always safe with online backup and can be restored with just a few clicks.

Won’t running a backup slow down my computer?

Nordic Backup runs quietly in the background and will never slow down your computer. Since our backups run continuously and automatically, you’ll never need to worry about scheduling system backups, or silencing endless pop up notifications. Just install with a click, then forget that it’s there.

How do I recover my data if my computer crashes?

If your computer fails, is damaged, or is lost, recovering your data is simple. You can manage and restore data from anywhere through our online interface. All you need is your phone or computer and your personal encryption key. Since we continuously backup your data, all of your file version histories will be saved and ready for you to recover.

How do I know my data is safe?

All of your data is encrypted with 256-bit encryption before it ever saves from your computer to the cloud. This means end-to-end protection for your most sensitive data. Your data is then stored in multiple data centers around the world — each equipped with multiple levels of access control, including alarms, armed guards, video surveillance, gated perimeter, locked server cabinets, security checkpoints with biometric scanners, uninterruptible power supplies, diesel backup power generators, redundant cooling, and multiple redundant gigabit internet connections. At Nordic Backup, we never compromise on security.

Are you ready to get the peace of mind that comes with Cloud Backup?

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